atelier lachaert dhanis

“Sleeping with eyes wide open”

‘In bed with the artists’ Experience art in a new way by sojourning in an artwork by duo of artists Sofie Lachaert and Luc Dhanis: an unique experience amidst boundary breaking object in a dialogue of the mundane and the sublime.


‘Good night’ In our venue guests ‘go to bed with inspiration’ in its original etymological meaning, as a seemingly effortless symbiosis of art and artist, of craft and craftsman, of experience and environment. Be moved, step into the experience and ‘sleep with eyes wide open’ in an oasis of tranquility.

Stay for the night in our ‘one and only’ suite: a wonderful sleeping accommodation with a great, grand bed made up with the finest Belgian linen, a bathroom with a rainfall shower and Japanese bathtub and accompanying rooms. These places add up to one big Wunderkammer, designed and arranged with a keen eye for even the smallest detail. All our other spaces are also freely accessible to guests: the workshop, a spacious breakfast space bathing in subtle northern light, a shelter with a view of the wide and semi-wild garden and an impressive loft space with high windows that give a view on a 17th century chapel.

‘Sharpen your senses’ The working and living habitat of the duo of artists is embedded in a beautiful riverscape and situated on the site of a reinvigorated shipyard. Tracks of the industrial past were laboriously processed in the contemporary setting it is today. This crossbreeding of the here and now with the past makes for a transcendental atmosphere.  It entails an open invitation to reflect on the perennial antipodes of the strangeness of the vibrantly esthetic and the soothing feeling of the familiar.

You will sleep and live in a setting of highly qualitative work of primarily Belgian artists, designers and artisans, a special mélange of various art forms that makes for an unabridged experience.


‘A memorable experience à la carte’ In the hospitable atmosphere of our venue we can arrange for a specific experience that transcends the mundane. Our personalized approach delivers a service tailored to your needs, you will be regaled and pampered. On demand, we invent a specific scenography so you can be an active part of our art. Another option is to invite a party, your family and friends, to join the festive table:


‘Sleeping with eyes wide open’ is the perfect opportunity for celebrating something or someone special, enjoy time together at a leisurely pace and gain an unforgettable moment to cherish.