Twentythousandfourhundredthirtyfour freshwater pearls, an infestation of beauty....

A small intruder makes its way inside the soft inner tissue of a living host. Unable to expel it, the mollusc defends itself by building countless layers of nacre. This is how a pearl is born. A trespasser and a parasite, a pearl simultaneously defines beauty, preciousness and rarity, with its value directly connected to the time and work it takes to form it.


Artist duo ‘atelier lachaert dhanis’ examines the ambivalent status of a pearl, creating an object that juxtaposes repulsion and attraction.

Repetitive process of adding layers of thousands of pearls also adds layers of meaning, questioning the notions of possession and value.


What would happen if this precious substance would swarm, overwhelm and gobble an entity with its fleshy glister, and how this idea of infestation could transform the object as well as the subject of beauty?

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