atelier lachaert dhanis


 A 110 kg bronze chair has been developed from a type of chair that the designers consider as a symbol for the everyday;

an anonymous yet archetypal chair in which the duo added emotional value, as well as a philosophical meaning and a poetic beauty.

 Art Casting is a specialist art foundry with incredible craftsmanship in bronze. Together with their highly skilled artisans, we first meticulously created a wooden model; each piece was then separately cast in bronze, after being soldered back together into an almost fluid, effortlessly merging form."

The result of the collaboration is a piece that encapsulate multiple metaphors, arising viewers’ curiosity  and imagination.

Surface is the first clue that helps us understand and classify an object.

Familiar to the touch, a surface of a simple wooden chair immediately reminds us of the distant school days or family gatherings.

It is the power of the surface that, in fact, goes deep into our memory and creates meaning.

 Anonymous yet archetypal, the ‘Trio’ chair is a singular example of atelier lachaert dhanis’ conceptual strategy.

Very consequent in their interest in objects’ surface, they experiment with what happens once the surface starts shifting...

They subtly intervene with familiar and daily objects, and, by employing their exquisite knowledge and craftsmanship,

they add new meanings, possibilities for interpretation and make new connections.

 By touching the surface of the ‘Trio’ chair, the viewer will not experience the anticipated soft unevenness of wood.

Instead, a dense smooth surface of a material loaded with meaning – bronze – will meet the tips of the fingers.

Atelier lachaert dhanis chose this material precisely because of its connection to art and sculpture in particular.

 They spent over a thousand hours meticulously creating a wooden model at first, then cutting it in pieces to be cast in bronze, cleaning, and soldering it back together into an almost fluid, effortlessly merging form.

 It is all in the game of perception, as nothing is ever what it seems at the first glance.

Perspective of the viewer is always taken into account.

Artists created an ode to a simple chair by ‘entangling’ the viewers’ gaze in an altered composition and a new context.

This gesture encourages the audience to question the assumptions they may have made at first,

provokes them to alleviate their preconceptions and look for a new meaning.

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